PVC Industrial Curtains

We manufacture bespoke size PVC curtain and window dividers, this type is suitable for warehouse curtains, distribution centres, body and work shops, welding shops, industrial factories, storage units and much more. They are built with 610gsm commercial deluxe FR PVC and are made with industrial sized fitted loops for optimum sliding. They can also be made to fit enhanced roller systems for larger curtains. 


Industrial PVC curtains are an ideal solution to dividing up your work processes and space in an orderly and aesthetic manor. Our PVC curtains can help provide protection from contamination, dust, fumes, sparks and other industrial processes. They are flame retardant which is particularly ideal for welders who require their work to be shielded and away from other areas of their work shop.

Body Shops and Spray Booths are ideal candidates for the use of PVC divider curtains, to prevent their off spray from contaminating their surroundings.

Our PVC is nylon base and treated to provide protection against water penetration and flame retardancy as well as being phthalate and RoHS free. We have a wide range of colours available, all in gloss finish for easy wipe cleaning.

All curtains are hemmed and reinforced around the edges.

PVC610gsm 1000*1000D
Roll Size1.5m x 50m
Flame RetardantYES
CoatingDouble Sided
Temperatures-30 to +170F
Flexibility RatingA*
FinishGloss or Cape Available


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