Our Manufacturing Process

All inflatables start with an idea, we have the correct production process to turn your ideas into reality. We can manufacture any inflatable you desire. If you want to find out more about that process, then keep on reading!

We are experts in EN14960 play equipment, the British and European standard required for commercial hire products. We are a registered PIPA testing body and all of our equipment, where applicable, will pass any EN14960 test. We are that confident in our products, we even brought SGS in to test in house at Andy J Leisure's site. They tested our inflatables and you can see one of the reports by clicking the link below


Our bouncy castle manufacturing process starts with the expert design across multiple departments to bring high quality and safe bouncy castles. Where does the design work begin?

Firstly, the inflatable concept will be modelled, often to show a customer a 3D CAD designed plan of how their inflatable is going to look. In this example the design is a 10ft x 12ft H-Frame bouncy castle in light blue gloss and Party balloons theme.

Inflatable Manufacture

Once the design is confirmed and we have the green light to proceed, the inflatable will be prepared using CAM software to create cutting patterns for our CNC cutting machine. This machine runs day and night and is crucial to the speed of our production line. This is why we have heavily invested into only the best CNC cutting machines on the market. Without this type of machine, we would not be able to reach the output that we produce each year.

The cutting design and tool paths can take a lot of time, as this needs to perfect to the millimetre in order to get our brilliant bouncy castle and inflatable designs just right. Once they are complete, they are now ready to be transferred over and sent to the CNC cutting machine.

Graphic Design

Most of our inflatables and bouncy castles are manufactured with digitally printed graphics. We have expert graphic designers to enable to us to get the exact design that you want. We only use leading graphic design software to allow us to stay at the forefront of graphic design.

Once the bouncy castle graphic design is confirmed by our clients, it is time to take them to the printing department. With our amazing printing technologies, we can print on almost any material. However, printing for bouncy castles and inflatable manufacture requires a robust quality, as inflatables are constantly jumped on, moved around and rolled away. Therefore, our state of the art printers provide a scratch resistant overcoat automatically, this is imperative for the manufacture of bouncy castle play equipment, as it can be outdoor in the harsh weathers, protection is paramount.

Once the artwork is printed, it is then time for our next process, which is providing the print with an overcoat for protection and strength against the harsh environments bouncy castles end up in. This process is called liquid laminating or lacquering, it in involves running the print through our purpose built machine to coat it entirely in the protective coating. This is a very long and slow process, however it is necessary to ensure the consistant quality in our products.