Some Tips on Hiring out Inflatables and Bouncy Castles

Some advice for hirers of bouncy castles and operators too.

  • Check and keep your eye on the weather and avoid using Bouncy Castles on windy days.
  • A quick check of the seams is worth doing to see if any breakage or weakness is apparent.
  • Some gardens are small and customers will want you to jam in the bouncer, this is not recommended allow 6 ft minumun around the bouncing castle and keep the fan at full stretch of the blower pipe.
  • Make sure the Bouncing Castle has an anchorage system and is anchored down adequately
  • Check the Jumping Castle for any excess wear and tear that could result in it collapsing and suffocating your child
  • Check there are no sharp objects, or static objects near the Inflatable Castle
  • Always use a safety switch on the power to the Bouncy Castle (a residual current device - RCD)
  • Place safety mats at entrance/exits.
  • Limit the amount of children in the Bouncy Castle to prevent collisions that could cause injury.
  • Never allow older children to bounce with younger children
  • Always Supervise all kids closely when on the Bouncy Castle for safety – treat the bouncy Castle as though it is a swimming pool 
  • If you are hiring an Bouncy Castle enquire about the operator's experience, past safety record and training requirements.
  • Ensure the Bouncy Castle is set up by trained experienced professionals who are familiar with their hire equipment
  • It is worth paying to have a trained operator supervising the bouncy Castle whilst it is in use.
  • Check that the operators have Public Liability insurance and are familiar with the inflatable products they hire. Further to this you might want to enquire has the operator any knowledge on BS14960 (UK & Europe). AS 3533.4.1.(Australia) These are government guidelines on the production and safe use of commercial hire inflatables. And can be found on our site.

Be safe!