Is the bouncy castle industry changing?

As a nation we are now probably in our fourth decade of bouncy castle hiring, I myself was hiring bouncing castles 24 years ago and it still seems like yesterday. In those good old days we found that customers would hire just about anything bouncy, as numbers where scarce. A plain bouncy castle or one with a few clouds on would suffice any party or celebration. These days though a massive change has taken place, inflatable obstacle courses are in demand as families " try to keep up with the Jones'" as they say. Bouncy slides or bouncing slides as described in Ireland, were only ever found at summer fetes, now we sell more slides to the garden hirer than gladiator duels. So things have moved on in the inflatable hire business, and also at ANDYJ.CO.UK, we now have enough staff to ensure your product is produced within a short time frame and you can start your bouncy castle business in time for the season beginning.