At 73 he starts a hire Business!!!

A recent Andy J Leisure customer starts in Bouncy castle Hire at the age of 73!

In the many years I have run this company I have met some fascinating wonderful people. Most of who I still deal with to this day. But nothing stands out in my mind more than a recent gentleman who travelled up from Luton to buy a castle. He called looking for a deal on a bouncing castle (as most do) and within 5 minutes of his call we had agreed on one. He arrived at our factory to collect the inflatable castle 2 days later. To my amazement he was an elderly gentleman of 73 years!

He told me him and his mate were setting up a bouncy castle hire business. Further shocks were in store for me when I discovered that his mate was 79!

The customer, John, also floored us all when he told us of his medical history, he had beaten cancer 3 times, had 2 heart attacks and a pacemaker fitted.

We both agreed It is very frustrating when you see people who have good health just slumming around complaining there are no jobs, when this guy should be resting in his later years on his pension. We spoke for a while and I must admit, I felt privileged to meet such a determined man. I gave John a free trolley with his order as I did not want to him to add a back injury to his list of medical problems!

It does go to show though, this industry can be beneficial to all walks of life!

John's brain was definitely all there, he added an enclosed front to the 15x16 he ordered as the weather will be soon changing and was an old school master when it came to bargaining.

Good luck in your venture John, and I look forward to providing you your next ten purchases!