100ft Endurance Zone Obstacle Course

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    • Blue tick EN14960 Test Certificate
    • Blue tick EN14960 Steel Pegs
    • Blue tick Groundsheet
    • Blue tick Name & Number Banner
    • Blue tick 12 Months Warranty
    • Blue tick Blowers

    The endurance zone obstacle course is manufactured for sale to be an exciting and challenging inflatable play structure that is sure to be a hit at any event. With its vibrant colours and numerous obstacles, it offers hours of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike.

    At the start of the course, participants must crawl through a tunnel before navigating through a letter box into a challenging mangle followed by a series of biff bash poles. These poles swing back and forth, requiring quick reflexes and agility to avoid being knocked off course.

    Next up is a challenging climbing wall that leads to a thrilling slide. The slide sends participants hurtling down to the ground before they exit the inflatable obstacle course safely.

    Throughout the course, participants will need to use their strength, balance, and problem-solving skills to make their way to the end. The course is designed to test their endurance and physical abilities while providing a fun and engaging experience.

    The purple and green colour scheme adds to the excitement and energy of the course, making it a visually appealing attraction for all ages. The inflatable structure is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety for all participants.

    Overall, the endurance zone obstacle course with a slide, biff bash, crawl-through, and more is an excellent choice for any event or party, providing hours of physical activity and entertainment for children and adults alike.


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    Size W x L x H
    10ft x 60ft x 10ft
    Packed Dimensions
    1.15 x 0.8 x 0.8m (4 Parts)
    Blower Required
    1.5hp x 4
    Minimum Pressure
    1 kPa
    BS EN 14960
    Slide, Biff Bash, Mangle, Letter Box, Crawl Through
    ColoursGrey, Black, Yellow
    Comes with

    1.5hp x 4
    Steel Ground Pegs
    17 x 400mm x 40
    Ground Tarpaulin
    12ft x 18ft x 1
    Test Certificate
    12 Months Manufacturers Test

    Up to 1m
    Up to 1.2m
    Up to 1.47m
    Up to 1.8m

    Anchor Points
    40 x Steel D-Ring
    Anti-rot Bonded Nylon EN14960, Stitching size 3-8mm
    Blower Distance
    2.4m / Contained Rear Fall Off
    Wall / Towers
    Stable / Less than 5 degrees
    Inside Wall Heights
    N/A / Slide Contained
    Step / Ramp
    Sharp / Raw Edges
    Fall Off Height Bed
    Fall Off Height Step
    Trough Depth
    160mm / 600mm
    Markings / Identification
    Serial Number / User Heights
    Pressure (kPa)
    Must be above 1 - Normal reading usually 1.5
    Digitally Printed
    Freely moving and covered

    We use a variety of materials for the manufacturing of our bouncy castles and inflatables at AJL. 

    All items are manufactured in accordance with EN14960 which means any material used in 

    the integral structure of any inflatable will have the minimum specification of the below.


    610gsm PVC Knife Coated Fabric
    Minimum Tensile Strength
    1850 N
    Minimum Tear Strength
    350 N
    Minimum Coating Adhesion
    100 N
    Flame Retardancy
    B1, B2, M2
    BS5438, BS5867, EN71, B2, M2, EN14960
    RoHS and Phthalate Free

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